To ensure a lifetime of healthy gums and a dazzling smile it is important to attend for regular dental examinations. The dentist can spot signs of early tooth decay and gum disease and prevent these from worsening. 

A perfect smile can brighten every day.

It's never too early (or late) to set good dental care habits in motion. These, combined with regular check ups and cleanings, can ensure a lifetime of smiles. 
We provide a range of dental services to help treat patients. Ranging from hygiene visits and fillings to veneers, crowns and bridges. We cater for all patients and their teeth. 

Natalie Gibbins

Practice Manager

Long Term Care

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Claire Padgett

Dental Hygienist

Dr Meeda J Ramkhalawon

BDS( Liverpool)


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Our expert team

Hannah Rose

Receptionist/Dental Nurse

It takes a dedicated team to make sure our dental practice is running smoothly and efficiently. Our excellent team has a range of skills meaning you will always receive great high quality care. 
Shannon Robinson

Receptionist/Dental Nurse


Dr Irfan A Khokhar

BDS(Hons) MJDF RCS Eng Dip Con Sed


Our mission is to provide high quality dental care to the community. We believe a bright, healthy smile is something that benefits both the wearer and the community at large.
Amie Storer

Receptionist/Dental Lead Nurse